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Take Care of You

This time of year tends to shift focus to health and wellness resolutions. Here at GRH, we're focused on your long-term health all year long. Join us as we explore manageable steps toward better health from your local GRH behavioral and physical health experts.

Be Kind To Your Body

January 14, 2022 | Video

January 12, 2022 - This week we want to focus on being kind to your body. We spoke with GRH Physical Therapist Corrine Dutto, MPT, and she suggested these easy exercises to do at home or during your work day:
Sit to stand
Heel raises
Biceps curls
Triceps press
Military press
Bent over rows
Push ups
Dead bug

Have you ever wondered what types of exercise you should consider adding to your wellness routine? Corrine suggests four facets of physical fitness:

  1. Cardiovascular or aerobic conditioning like walking, jogging, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, swimming, water aerobics or cycling.
  2. Strength. This can be exercises using weights or using your own body weight.
  3. Flexibility. There are a variety of ways to stretch including passive stretches, active stretches and types of yoga.
  4. Balance. Stand on one leg, walk on a beam.

With all of these exercises, if you experience pain you may want to consult with a physical therapist to show you proper technique.

For more information about the Therapy & Sports Medicine department, visit their webpage here.

Be Kind To Your Mind

January 7, 2022 | Video

Be Kind To Your Mind

January 5, 2022 - This week we would like to encourage you to 'Be Kind To Your Mind.' We spoke with the newest addition to our Behavioral Health team of providers, GRH Nurse Practitioner Mari Dominguez, PMHNP-BC and asked her to share her thoughts on being kind to your mind: "We are not going to make headway on external things until we calm the waters inside. Tuning inward, trying to listen to ourselves a little bit how I like to encourage people to be kind to your mind."

For more information about the GRH Behavioral Health Clinic, visit their webpage here.