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Patient Medical Records

Grande Ronde Hospital is committed to protecting your personal health information while making it available to you, so that you can be an equal partner in your healthcare decisions. You may access your medical records by requesting a copy from our Health Information Management (HIM) Department, or by creating a user account on our online patient portal, MyChart.

Who can access copies of medical records?

  • Adult patients may ask for copies of their own medical records.
  • A parent or legal guardian may ask for copies of their minor child’s medical records. Oregon law defines a minor child as those 14 years old and under.
  • A person with a medical power of attorney may ask for copies of the medical records of someone named in the medical power of attorney (for example, wife, husband or partner, disabled adult).
  • The legal next of kin, as specified on the Death Certificate, may ask for copies of a deceased patient’s medical records.

How do I request a copy of my medical records?

To request a copy of your medical records, please download and complete the Release of Information (ROI) form, and return it using the methods listed below.

What do I do if something on my records doesn’t look right?

If you think you have a correction to specific information in your medical records, please call HIM at 541.963.1446. You can discuss your concerns with us and, if needed, request an amendment to your records.

To request an amendment of your medical records, please download and complete the Health Record Correction/Amendment form, and return using the methods listed below.

How do I submit an ROI form or Health Record Correction/Amendment form?

Forms can be returned in person to the HIM Department located at the Pavilion in downtown La Grande, or by using one of the following methods:

  • Mail to GRH Health Information Management, PO Box 3290, La Grande, OR 97850
  • Fax to HIM at 541.975.5220
  • Email to
  • Please keep in mind that email communication can be intercepted in transmission or misdirected. There is some risk that personal information contained in your email may be disclosed to, or intercepted by, unauthorized third parties. By using email, you acknowledge and accept the possible risk associated with e-mail communication.


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Contact Us

GRH Pavilion
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P.O. Box 3290
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Fax: 541.975.5220

MyChart Helpline: 541.963.1800