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Patient Financial Services

Providing our patients with the best possible experience is important to us. As a not-for-profit organization, making sure our patients have access to necessary medical care regardless of ability to pay is part of our mission. In order to do that, our Patient Financial Services representatives are here to help you with the business end of things; like Health Insurance, Financial Assistance, or Service Estimates, so that you can focus on getting better.

For your convenience, our Financial Counselors are located within the Hospital lobby, the Regional Medical Clinic, the Regional Medical Plaza, and the Pavilion. See contact information at the bottom of this page.

Knowing more about your insurance coverage or whether you are eligible for our financial assistance program is the first step. So to begin with, we encourage you to be your own best advocate by knowing all you can about your situation:

Do You Have Health Insurance?

Please provide us with a copy of your insurance identification card whenever you visit the Hospital or any of our clinics. When you do check in, the more you can tell us about your insurance coverage, the better we can help you understand our billing procedures, our charges and how those charges will be handled by your insurance company.

Are You Covered by Medicare?

Please read our statement on Medicare's policy for Self-Administered Medications.

Do You Need Health Insurance?

Our Financial Counselors are here to help you determine if you are eligible for health care coverage and apply. Additionally, you may also be eligible to apply for our Financial Assistance Program.

Financial Assistance Program

Grande Ronde Hospital, Inc., has developed a hospital-based financial assistance program. To find out more about the program, please see the information below and/or contact a Financial Counselor at 541.963.2845.

Recursos de asistencia financiera en español:

Do You Need an Accurate Cost Estimate for a Service or Procedure?

Providing personalized cost estimates is another one of the many ways we serve our patients to ensure the best possible experience. Our Financial Counselors are here to provide you with the most accurate cost estimate available—based on you, your medical care needs, and your health insurance plan. We believe understanding the cost of your care before you check in is important.

We have created our Service Estimate program to provide you with the most accurate information we can to assist you in making the best decision possible for your medical care. In order to do so, it is important that you schedule a free consult with one of our Financial Counselors by calling the Service Estimate number below. Although we do make our standard list of individual charges available here for our patient’s convenience, the list should be considered as a guideline only, as established by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Any final bill will reflect various line item charges, each of which will correspond to services rendered. Because of this, we highly recommend you contact our Service Estimate team for the most accurate service estimate.

About Your Bill

Although we may submit bills to your insurance company on your behalf, please remember that your policy is a contract between your insurance company and you. So you are ultimately responsible for payment of your bill. It is our goal to streamline that experience for you.

Questions about separate bills from providers you did not see in person while being treated by Grande Ronde Hospital (pathologists, radiologists, etc.) should be directed to the contact information printed on the statement you receive from them. These providers are required to submit separate bills.

Avoiding Surprises in Your Medical Bills: A Guide for Consumers is available here.

Contact us during business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.:

Our Financial Counselors have private offices in the Hospital lobby, the Regional Medical Clinic, the Regional Medical Plaza, and the Pavilion.

GRH Pavilion: Patient Financial Services
909 Adams Avenue
La Grande, OR 97850

Did you know?

It is easier to meet the criteria for hospital-based financial assistance than most people realize and is completely confidential.