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Patient-Centered Primary Care Medical Home

What Is a Patient-Centered Primary Care Medical Home?

The medical home philosophy focuses on primary care that is patient-centered, all-inclusive, team-based, coordinated, easily accessible, and dedicated to quality and safety.

The medical home philosophy is a widely accepted model for how primary care should be organized and delivered throughout the healthcare system. The philosophy encourages providers and care teams to meet patients where they are—whether their healthcare needs are simple or complex—and embraces the idea that a medical home is a model for achieving primary care excellence so that care is received in the right place, at the right time and in the manner that best suits a patient's needs.

What to expect from the Medical Home experience:

  • We strive to treat you with respect, dignity and compassion.
  • We promise to enable strong and trusting relationships with our providers and staff.
  • We will make prevention and wellness a priority.

What about special needs and services?

If you have a special need, we will help connect you with other health professionals. If we can bring a special service to you, we will make every effort to do so. If we need to help connect you with a special service or provider, we will do so.

Recognizing that self-care is a critical part of overall health and treatment effectiveness, we realized many of our patients would benefit from diabetic education. We offer the services of a Certified Diabetes Educator.

In addition, our medical home offers behavioral health consultations by licensed professionals to help those patients learn and apply new health management skills for a number of issues that complicate and/or are complicated by physical health symptoms.

The first step in building a Medical Home care team is choosing a Primary Care Provider at one of our Patient-Centered Primary Care Medical Homes:

  • Elgin Clinic, 541.437.2273, 570 S. 8th Street, Elgin, OR 97827
  • GRH Regional Medical Clinic, 541.663.3138, 506 4th Street, La Grande, OR 97850
  • GRH Women's and Children's Clinic, 541.663.3150, 710 Sunset Drive, Suite E, La Grande, OR 97850
  • Union Clinic, 541.562.6180, 142 E. Dearborn Street, Union, OR 97883

The Patient-Centered Primary Care Home Program recognizes those clinics who meet the criteria to be Primary Care Medical Homes and ensures they meet the standards of care. The PCPCH Program is part of the Oregon Health Authority goal to improve the health and care of all Oregonians. For more information, please visit

Did you know?

The PCPCMH model of care is part of the Oregon Health Authority goal to improve the health and care of all Oregonians.