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Grande Ronde Hospital Joins Community Partners in Support of Elgin Clinic

Hospital news | Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Contact: Mardi Ford

Grande Ronde Hospital, through its Community Benefit Committee, has made a donation in the amount of $1,000 to the Elgin Health Clinic.

The Hospital’s mission is to ensure that quality, affordable health care is accessible to everyone within the communities it serves, and, as such, it is pleased to join the broad base of community partners supporting fundraising efforts for the Elgin Health Clinic.

“Our more than 400 employees come from every community in Union County. Good health care throughout the county benefits us all,” said Wendy Roberts, Director of Administrative Services. “We are pleased to show our support of good health care efforts in our communities by establishing the Hospital as another community partner for the City of Elgin’s fundraising efforts for its Clinic.”

Roberts, who is also the Hospital’s new Community Benefit Officer, went on to explain that this fiscal year, which began in May, marked the first year for the Hospital’s new process for community benefit.

A Community Benefit Committee of the Hospital’s Board of Trustees has recently been formed and is now in the process of conducting an extensive community needs assessment. Once the assessment is complete, the results will determine funding priorities.

The mission of the Committee supports that of the Hospital, and strives to meet the needs of the people of Union County - particularly the underserved populations - through collaboration with other not-for-profit, community-focused organizations.

Although the Committee will not be in a position to actually begin awarding grants until late fall, Roberts said the members felt it was vital to make this time-sensitive donation as a show of support for health care in the community of Elgin. The City of Elgin’s application for additional grant funding for its clinic will be considered by the Committee once the community needs assessment is completed.