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Grande Ronde Hospital Expands Telehealth Services with In-Home Patient Monitoring

Hospital news | Monday, November 7, 2016

Contact: Mardi Ford

Grande Ronde Hospital (GRH) announces a new partnership with medical tele-monitoring company QOLPOM for a new service to benefit our most fragile patients.

“This newest expansion of GRH TeleHealth services through our Patient-Centered Primary Care Program offers increased diversity and opportunity for providing in-home care to some of our most vulnerable patients. Our partnership with QOLPOM provides us with a great opportunity to offer even more healing and comfort for those patients who are being treated at home. They will continue to receive quality care from friendly faces with even greater support through a thriving specialty-consult technology network,” said Doug Romer, GRH Executive Director of Patient Care Services.

QOLPOM, a subsidiary of Parallax Health Sciences, Inc. of Santa Monica, CA, provides technology for comprehensive, next generation telehealth delivery and services. The QOLPOM Hub, a leading and secure Remote Patient Monitoring software, provides remote monitoring of patients requiring in-home and timely monitoring for a variety of medical conditions. Providing convenience for patients and cost reductions for the hospital are the measurable outcomes targeted by the program.

The QOLPOM brand is an acronym for Quality of Life–Peace of Mind. QOLPOM services are directed at sustaining and improving the quality of life for individuals experiencing either transitory or long-term medical conditions. Knowing that help is always near gives peace of mind to patients and their loved ones, providing the confidence in care is professionally and continuously monitored.

“Hospitals are breaking-out of their traditional four walls and providing care where and when patients need it,” said Rick Pollack, President and CEO of the AHA. “These hospitals exemplify this transformation by harnessing technology, engaging patients and offering services remotely. Removing policy and other barriers to telehealth will allow even faster adoption of these amazing technologies.”

QOLPOM President Nathaniel Bradley concurs with Pollack’s assessment, adding that QOLPOM is eager to partner with telehealth leader Grande Ronde Hospital to develop and refine the delivery of remote medical monitoring services to the community of Union County.

“This partnership is indicative of Grande Ronde Hospital’s continued commitment to innovate and build on new, dynamic patient interactions. QOLPOM offers the most complete,cost effective, evidence based and flexible remote health solutions in the market place today. Applying technology to assist individuals in their day-to-day functions is not a new concept. The key is to tailor services to meet the unique needs of individual clients and their families, that is, to wade through the confusing maize of services and find or create what works best for each individual and those who are caring for their loved one,” says Bradley.

For more information on this new program at GRH, please contact our Patient Centered Primary Care Department at 541-963-2861.


GRANDE RONDE HOSPITAL, INC. is a state and nationally recognized and award winning not-for-profit healthsystem thatincludes a 25-bed Critical Access Hospital and 10 outpatient clinics. We are located in Union County, Oregon, serving our base populationof more than 25,000 residents, as well as providingservices for the greater eastern Oregonregion. Since 1907, Grande Ronde Hospital has led this region in efforts to stabilize and secure rural health care services for the communities we serve, while also working to improve the quality of life of all our residents. Today we employ more than 700 people, all dedicated to providing quality health care services to our patients. We offer a broad range of diagnostic, surgical and therapeutic outpatient services, a Level IV Trauma Emergency Services Department, a Family Birthing Center; Physical, Occupational and Speech Rehabilitation Therapy Services, and Home Care Services providing both home health and hospice care needs. We also operate 10 primary and specialty care clinics: the Cardiology Clinic, the Elgin Clinic, the Hematology & amp; Oncology Clinic, the Neurology Clinic, the Regional Medical Clinic, the Sleep Clinic, the Specialty Clinic (General Surgery, Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, Otolaryngology (ENT), Urology, and Wound Ostomy Care), the Walk-In Clinic, the Union Clinic, and the Women’s & amp; Children’s Clinic (Gynecology, Obstetrics and Pediatrics).For more information, visit

ABOUT QOLPOM: Wrapping Technology Around Health and Human Services, QOLPOM’s services are predicated on delivering the most state of the art, up to date tele-monitoring programs, devices and applications. The key is to tailor services to meet the unique needs of individual clients and their families, that is, to wade through the confusing maize of services and find or create what works best. We are building software, technology and support infrastructure for the coming home healthcare revolution. We have access to the highest quality products and customizable monitoring operations that deliver quality of life for our users and peace of mind for those who care for and about them. QOLPOM operates out of Tucson, AZ, and its monitoring center is located in Tempe, AZ. For more information, visit

ABOUT PARALLAX HEALTH SCIENCES, INC.: Parallax Health Sciences, Inc., with offices in Santa Monica, CA, is a fully-reporting Nevada corporation). Parallax is focused on personalized patient healthcare with its Pharmacy and Infertility business through its Beverly Hills, California-based RoxSan Pharmacy and RoxSan Fertility Group operations and Parallax Diagnostics. Parallax Diagnostics has rights to a line of point of care diagnostic tests on a single proprietary platform, and plans to develop a novel, handheld diagnostic testing system that is simple, rapid and elegant, offering the potential to transform the diagnostic landscape by transitioning critical tests from the centralized lab directly to the hands of the physician, care givers or home use. For more information, visit