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Flu Update: GRH invokes temporary visitor restrictions

Hospital news | Thursday, October 22, 2009

Contact: Mardi Ford

Our community is experiencing an early, active influenza season. In order to protect our patients from both the 2009 H1N1, commonly know as swine flu, and the seasonal flu, Grande Ronde Hospital has invoked a temporary Visitor Restriction Policy.

We realize these restrictions may be inconvenient, and ask for your patience and understanding. We have the community’s best health interests at heart, and we take our responsibility to protect our patients very seriously.

Children under the age of 18 may not visit hospital patients due to the fact that early cold and flu symptoms are not always apparent in this age group. In addition, the current flu sweeping our county seems to be more active among this age group at this time.

Patient visitation is temporarily limited to healthy adult members of the patient’s immediate family only. Please do not visit at all if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:






·Sore throat

·Muscle aches


Signs are posted at all of our entrances to remind the community these guidelines are in place to protect hospital patients. Visitor restrictions may change as the flu season progresses.

The Visitor Restriction Policy does not apply to those seeking medical care. However, in order to protect those who may have the flu from those who do not, a Respiratory Illness Waiting Area is being established to keep the groups at least three feet apart, according to the Centers for Disease Control guidelines. In addition, admitting staff will provide patients exhibiting respiratory symptoms with an application of alcohol foam hand sanitizer and a mask to wear while they are waiting.

If you have specific questions about the flu, contact your healthcare provider or the local Public Health Department. Here are some great resources for more information on influenza:

On the web: or

By phone:

Oregon State Flu Hotline at 1-800-978-3040 (live person line 24/7)

GRH informational flu-line at 962-2500 (recorded information)