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County-wide Community Health Surveys Begin This Month

Hospital news | Thursday, September 10, 2015

Contact: Mardi Ford

Photo Caption: Wendy Roberts, GRH Community Benefits Officer

This month, Grande Ronde Hospital’s Community Benefit Subcommittee will begin a random mail survey of Union County residents as part of a community health needs assessment process. If you receive a survey in the mail, please help us by completing it and returning it in the accompanying postage paid envelope.

In developing the survey, the Subcommittee worked closely with the our local public health entity, the Center for Human Development; as well as more than 30 other community members representing other health and public welfare agencies, local government, education, private entities and more.

Over the next two months, hundreds of Union County residents will be randomly selected to receive these confidential and anonymous surveys in the mail. The anonymous survey asks questions about general health, risk and protective health factors, and access to health care. Those who are randomly selected to receive these are urged to complete and return the survey to create a snapshot of the health of Union County residents. The goal of this process is to improve overall health and well being of our community by identifying areas that need work.

Survey results will help in planning and addressing real health concerns within our community. The compilation of results will guide us, our local public health department and other agencies in our collaborative efforts over the next several years. The report will be used by the Subcommittee to prioritize needs as we create our community benefit plan.A final community health needs assessment report will be published in 2016 and made available to the public by direct mail and on this public website.

If you have any questions about the survey, the community health needs assessment, or would like to review the previous health needs assessment and annual reports, please visit the community benefit section on our home page, or contact Wendy Roberts, GRH Community Benefits Officer, at 541-963-1469.