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An open letter to our community from President and CEO Jeremy Davis

Corporate news | Thursday, June 4, 2020

Contact: Mardi Ford

As Union County works to maintain the Governor’s criteria for Phase Two, what does that mean for your health care? To be honest, much of the focus for the next phase is on the public health aspect with testing requirements and contact tracing initiatives as set forth by the State of Oregon. At Grande Ronde Hospital and Clinics, we provide medical care and we remain focused on that.

As we open up to our full range of services, we will continue to adapt in order to comply with the most current state and federal guidelines for best practices. Please be assured that we have always set the highest standards for safety, cleanliness and protection across our system even before COVID-19. I can assure you that our priority remains to protect our patients, ensure the good health of our community, and minimize the spread of all diseases and infections.

A serious concern for many of our providers, however, is the trend of patients not seeking medical care due to fears over the current pandemic. We hope that during Phase Two, that trend will decline. We urge our community to not use COVID-19 as a reason to ignore health concerns. We have several examples of patients who were diagnosed with life-threatening health issues that could have been safely treated earlier, rather than an emergency surgery or transfer out of the valley. So, please, do not put off routine health care – especially at a time when we all need to be as healthy and strong as possible. We encourage you to call your provider and ask about our Virtual Visits, if you are concerned about an in-person consult.

As Oregon gradually reopens, however, it is also important to continue to protect yourself and your family. For those vulnerable individuals within our community, please continue to be mindful as you evaluate your personal risk factors and risk tolerance.

We understand how trying this time is for everyone. That is why it is so important for you to trust that your care is in good hands with the best health care team possible – the people of Grande Ronde Hospital and Clinics. While it may seem as if life is on pause, your health isn’t. We’ve been here for you this entire time, and we’re here for you now.

Jeremy P. Davis, MHA
President and CEO
Grande Ronde Hospital and Clinics