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Foundation announces new fundraising projects

Each year, the Grande Ronde Hospital Foundation has the distinct honor of being able to identify and address patient needs at Grande Ronde Hospital and Clinics. For 52 years, the Foundation has contributed more than $4.9 million to patient care equipment at Grande Ronde Hospital and Clinics. These contributions help to ensure that our patients can receive the best care possible from the best staff using the best equipment.

The Foundation announced the most recent fundraising projects at the "Eastern Oregon Hot Summer Night" event on June 25. This year’s projects include:

Two new Torch units

These portable, high-intensity ultraviolet light arrays create an extra layer of disinfection to patient care areas. With a 15-minute exposure, these units can kill bacteria, fungus, mold spores, and viruses, including COVID-19. The units that GRH has already have been invaluable during the pandemic, and it makes good sense to expand the fleet of Torches for our facilities. Search for Grande Ronde Hospital on YouTube to see a video showing how the Torch works!

New patient room markerboards for the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Clear communication is essential in health care, between patient care teams and teammates, as well as to patients, family, and guests. One key piece of these communications is the room markerboard, which denotes patient information, caregivers’ names, when medications are due, next steps in care, and much more. We will be replacing whiteboard-style boards with amazing customized glass boards, which will clean better and last for a good long time while looking great!

WELL Health communications system

Sticking with the theme of communication, the Foundation is excited about this new text-based communications system that allows for safe and secure dynamic communications from any internet-connected device. These communications are fully encrypted, meaning they will not be seen by any unauthorized party outside of your care team and yourself. These conversations are then attached, in full, to your medical chart for future reference by your care team. If you don’t have time to make a phone call or want to have your communications "in writing," this is a great solution that takes text-based messaging beyond appointment reminders.

Be in the know

Did you know the Foundation has its own e-newsletter? You can sign up for this Foundation-specific email to receive news every other month—or more, when special communications are needed. Go to and click on "Sign up for our newsletter." Make sure the email address is added to your "safe senders" list in your email client.

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Feeling generous?

The Foundation invites you to support these projects, in addition to its ongoing funds, such as the Andrew Goodwin Memorial Fund (see Life & Health Spring 2021 issue) and others. Call the Foundation at 541.963.1431 to ask about these new projects and more. You can also go to

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