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Grande Ronde Hospital Foundation funds equipment and projects in support of patient care needs.

If you've ever been with a loved one in the hospital, you know the importance of having the best care and the most up-to-date equipment possible. This is why the Grande Ronde Hospital Foundation was established in 1969 by the Hospital's Board of Trustees. They understood that community hospitals need community support to provide the finest care. The Foundation has provided more than $3 million in inpatient care support in just the past 27 years.

About the Foundation

Make a Difference

By providing a philanthropic contribution, you know that you have personally touched the lives of patients at Grande Ronde Hospital and that you can enjoy the tax benefits of making a meaningful charitable gift.

Types of gifts:

Gifts of cash- The simplest way of giving and your entire gift can be applied as a tax deduction.

Gifts of publicly-traded goods- Stock(s), mutual funds, bonds, and more can all be donated and applied as a tax deduction, consult your investment professional for details.

Planned giving through wills or living trusts- After providing for your loved ones, you can direct a specific amount to the Grande Ronde Hospital Foundation for long-term planning and tax savings.

Legacy giving- You can give gifts of real estate, stock, life insurance, and retirement plans.

There are many ways to make a meaningful charitable gift. The Grande Ronde Hospital Foundation would be pleased to provide more information to you and your financial advisor.


Funding Grande Ronde Hospital and Clinics equipment and projects in support of patient care needs.


To strengthen community relationships and support for Grande Ronde Hospital.

Our Foundation can only be built with your help

All gifts to the Foundation are tax-deductible. Gifts may be made in tribute to a special person or designated for a special purpose. To help, please contact us. We are always happy to visit about ways to support our community hospital.

Board of Directors

Tayde McAndie, Chair
Shannon Houck, Vice-Chair
Tim Markham, Treasurer
Heather Null, Secretary
Peter Fallow
Mary West
George Mendoza
Jared Hulme, NP-C, DNP
Steve Wilcox
Jared Rogers, GRH BOT Representative
Jeremy P. Davis, MHA, GRH Member Liaison


Patrick Flynn, Foundation Manager

Past Projects

Each year the Foundation chooses equipment to purchase for patient care purposes. Here are some of our recent projects, also follow the links to our YouTube page to see our video stories about the projects.

X-Ray Machine for the new GRH Urgent Care - Once this machine is installed, visitors to the GRH Urgent care will not have to go to another GRH building or clinic to get x-ray images, saving time and creating a more comprehensive visit. Hear the story of how the x-ray machine project came to be HERE.

Cuddle Cot and the Andrew Goodwin Memorial Fund - When a local couple experienced a devastating loss. They chose to honor the memory of their son by fundraising to bring equipment to GRH that brought them so much healing during their experience. See the Goodwin's story HERE.

Telemedicine Robots - you may not know this, but GRH has been a pioneer in the use of telehealth services, where we connect remotely with a medical specialist via teleconference technology to consult on acute cases. These services have been expanded to include more outpatient services such as mental health, COVID care, and much more. Watch our YouTube video highlighting our Telehealth bots HERE.

Hemodialysis Machines - The second leading cause of transfer from GRH is when an admitted patient is in need of dialysis treatments. By providing these services for inpatients, we can keep folks closer to home, family, and friends. See our ICU/MedSurg manager talk about the dialysis machines HERE.

The Torch - These portable "Super" ultraviolet (UV) lights help our hard-working Environmental Services teams add an extra layer of cleanliness and disinfectant to patient care areas. The expanded fleet of Torches has been invaluable during the COVID epidemic. See the Torch in action HERE.

SimMan 3G - Training and skill development are essential in healthcare. Studies have shown that the best way to develop skills and "sharpen the tools" is through scenario simulation. Just like elite athletes, we want our medical staff to train in simulations just like they would experience in the real world, moving patients, making decisions on the fly, and seeing immediate results from those choices. The SimMan system provides a dynamic response and programmable training system for staff to practice, coach, and learn. See SimMan in action HERE.

3D Mammogram Machine - 3D mammography or Tomosynthesis is a revolutionary development in imaging technology. The images are clearer and more defined, and also are more accurate. This enhances the ability for mammograms to catch cancers early and to help pinpoint where the cancer is, making treatment more effective. Also, this new technology has reduced the need for return scans by %50. Watch the story of one of the first patients of our 3D Mammogram machine HERE.

Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile is a program that gives back to not-for-profit organizations for doing something you already do - shop!

Follow these simple steps to activate Amazon Smile and they will donate a portion of most of your purchases to the GRH Foundation, you don't pay extra or have to jump through any hoops.

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Make a Donation

You can make a general, unrestricted gift, or you can allocate your gift to go to a specific department or project.

You can also use a gift as a way to recognize a staff member or care team, they will also receive a GEM nomination.

For cash gifts, scheduled payments, or pledges, click HERE.

For non-cash gifts, such as publicly-traded assets or planned giving, contact the Foundation office. 541-963-1431.

On behalf of the entire Grande Ronde Hospital and Clinics family, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Our continued success for the years has been thanks to your generosity. It means more than you could know. The support of our community and donors is incredible, and we can’t thank you enough.

If you would like to make a donation, you can do so HERE. Or you can contact the Foundation via the information on the right side of the page, and talk with the Foundation staff about how you would like to make an impact on patient care and experiences, as well as leave your legacy for the community.

If you would like to know more about the history of the Foundation and our impact on the community and local health care, watch our 50th-anniversary video below:

Did you know?

Since 1969, our Mission is to raise funds to support Grande Ronde Hospital and its commitment to ensuring access to high-quality, cost-effective health services.