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Behavioral Health Twice-Monthly Groups: Enhancing Health

The concept of a pit stop in motorsports is a pause for refueling, new tires, repairs and/or mechanical adjustments. Not a bad metaphor for a group that is available twice-monthly so that you can double-check your approach for managing your health. Available for patients 18 and older, this group can serve as an opportunity for skill building, resource-sharing and peer support.

  • All groups are 55 minutes in duration and limited to one group per day/per patient
  • All groups meet in the The North Conference Room at GRH.
  • All groups limited to 12 participants.

Call our BH Department at 541.962.1101 for help with registration.

Private insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid patients are welcome. For questions on cost, please call your insurance provider or talk with one of our financial counselors at 541.963.2845.

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