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Community Benefit

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Grande Ronde Hospital has always believed in the importance of investing in our local community. We have gone beyond our doors to help build playgrounds, sponsor swimming lessons and sports teams, provide for public transportation, ensure the safety of our citizens, and provide free care for the vulnerable children in our communityjust a handful of our local involvements in our community over the years.

What has recently changed because of health care reform is how community benefit is defined. What was, in the past, mostly at our discretion—sponsoring the sports teams, swim lessons and playground renovation projects—is now heavily regulated. Federal laws, tax codes and community benefit reporting requirements have increased and will continue to do so. But we see this as an opportunity to look even more closely at the under served populations within our community and find creative solutions to meet more of their needs.

The Grande Ronde Hospital Community Benefit Mission states that our program, in support of Grande Ronde Hospital's Mission and Vision, will strive through collaborative efforts with other not-for-profit, community-focused organizations to identify and support the priority needs of Union County with an emphasis on the under served. We take that Mission to heart. The community volunteers and members of our staff who guide these efforts are passionate about making a difference in our community in this way.

We hope you will take the time to look at our current Community Benefit Report for the 2021 Fiscal Year, as well as past reports.

The two most current Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) is publicly posted on this Grande Ronde Hospital website where hard copies are available either through downloading, or through submitting written or electronic requests to the GRH Community Benefits Officer at P.O. Box 2390, La Grande, OR 97850, or to Download a hard copy of the current CHNA by clicking on the appropriate link on the upper right side of this page.

Did you know?

The Community Benefit Subcommittee, which administers our program, includes local people who volunteer their time to serve our community in this way.