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Birthing Center

Family Birthing Center

Your future is in our good hands.

A calm, quiet and private environment awaits you at Grande Ronde Hospital’s Family Birthing Center.

From the moment you step off the elevator and onto the light-filled and spacious third floor, you know you have come to the right place for the most important event in your life. Our clean, private birthing rooms are outfitted with the latest in equipment and our birthing beds allow for in-room labor and delivery.

Once your baby is born, rest assured that he or she may stay with you as long as you want. Since our Birthing Center is geared toward families, we work at being flexible with your wishes. From coaching during labor to spending the night—fathers are welcome, too.

"We believe having a baby is a family event," says Trish Alexander, RN, Family Birthing Center Manager. "Obstetrics is like no other health care service a hospital provides. We take our work seriously, but it’s also very personal."

Our staff also understands that the birth of your child is a unique experience that can bring great joy, but one that may also cause worry—especially for new parents. That is why our staff is dedicated to helping you prepare for and deliver a healthy baby.

Our Birthing Center is staffed with highly skilled and experienced physicians and registered nurses during all shifts. Our team is dedicated to continuing education on the latest technology and obstetric health care procedures.

When it comes to security, providing you with peace of mind is our number one priority. With our Central Fetal Monitoring system, every baby’s vital signs are constantly monitored at the nurse’s station during labor. In addition, once your baby is born, they are banded with wrist badges equipped with technology that senses when the baby travels too close to any third-floor exit. If the wrist band is tampered with, it will also trigger the security system.

Finally, for those rare occasions when one of our littlest patients needs specialty care, you can take comfort in knowing that Grande Ronde Hospital leads the region in utilizing Remote Presence Technology. This computer-aided telemedicine capability assures you that live consultations with neonatologists are only a computer screen away.

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Grande Ronde Family Birthing Center
Third Floor of Main Hospital
900 Sunset Drive
La Grande, OR 97850
Telephone: 541.963.1449

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