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MyHealth at GRH

MyHealth Is Not for Communicating Urgent Medical Matters

For urgent medical matters or emergencies, go to the emergency department of a local hospital, and/or dial 911.

Secure, private access to your personal medical record

MyHealth gives you easy online access to lab results and your medical history at Grande Ronde Hospital and our clinics. You can log on to MyHealth to communicate with your health care team via secure messaging, request an appointment, pay your bill online and manage your online medical records.

With MyHealth, you are in charge of your own personal health record. MyHealth is yours to manage, and yours to share.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is MyHealth available for emergency/urgent issues?

A. No. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please dial 911. If you have an urgent issue, please call your provider directly.

Q. What is MyHealth?

A. MyHealth is a secure website that allows you to:

  • Message your provider
  • Request medication refills
  • Schedule appointments
  • View test results
  • Access financial account information 

Q. Who can use MyHealth?

A. MyHealth can be used by patients of Grande Ronde Hospital, Inc., Hospital services and clinic practices and any participating community practices who have chosen RelayHealth for their online patient health records program. Once you are a member of you may search to see if your provider is a participant. Grande Ronde Hospital and all of its clinic providers are MyHealth participants.

Q. Is my privacy protected?

The RelayHealth service is completely secure and HIPAA-compliant. Encryption technology and a stringent privacy policy protect your personal information more securely than either the telephone or regular email. Your information is only accessible by you, your provider, and your provider’s authorized staff.

Q. Is there a MyHealth Mobile App?

Grande Ronde Hospital is working with its partner, RelayHealth, to offer a MyHealth mobile app soon. Until then, the current web application is smartphone-compatible.

Q. If I still have questions about the MyHealth program that are not answered here, who do I talk to?

Please refer to our Support page, which is in the In This Section menu of this page.

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