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Foundation Overview

The Foundation was established by Grande Ronde Hospital in 1969 as an independent, nonprofit corporation to raise and manage private gifts for our Hospital. Today it is a nonprofit, subsidiary corporation of GRH. The Foundation does not give grants to organizations outside the Grande Ronde Hospital; it assists the GRH in securing donations from friends, patients, foundations and corporations.

Who runs the Foundation?

An eleven member board of directors comprised of community members, physicians, and hospital board members governs the Foundation. A full-time Foundation manager carries out the wishes of the board in consultation with the leadership of GRH.

Who decides what the Foundation raises money for?

The board of directors sets fundraising goals and objectives at their annual strategic planning meetings. The Foundation staff, board members and community members serving on various committees carry out these goals and objectives.

Who does the Foundation ask for money?

We ask our patients and their families, community members, employees, medical staff, volunteers, vendors, corporations and private foundations. We ask for cash gifts, gifts by pledge, gifts in kind and gifts by bequest.

When the money is received, who decides where it goes?

Our donors tell us where they want their gifts directed. Sometimes it is to a specific department or program, and sometimes it is to the "area of greatest need." These unrestricted gifts allow the Foundation board to decide, on behalf of the community, where the need is greatest.

How much of my gift goes to a national organization?

None! Every dollar donated to the Grande Ronde Hospital Foundation is used here at the hospital for patient care needs or program development, unless specifically restricted by the donor.

Where do my gifts go?

The proceeds from the Grande Ronde Amateur golf tournament are pledged towards patient care needs at Grande Ronde Hospital.  The 2013 Grande Ronde Amateur will benefit the Radiology Department's remodel of the ultrasound imaging suites to provide a better setting for patient care, diagnostics and student ultrasound tech training.  The ultrasound services at Grande Ronde Hospital have a major interface with the health care needs of Union County, especially in the areas of neonatal and women's health. 

Much of the equipment used in the hospital by you, your loved ones, and your neighbors was purchased through donations made to the Foundation. Many of the hospital programs, CPR classes, Emergency services and Home Care services receive funds through the Foundation.

Your gifts make a difference!

You can help Grande Ronde Hospital with your gift to the Foundation. Every donation makes a difference and keeps the hospital ready to serve our community whenever and wherever we are needed. Thank you to all those individuals and companies who have demonstrated the importance of health care in our community through their donations to the Grande Ronde Hospital Foundation.

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