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Michael Jaeger, Chair

Michael Jaeger, Chair

The Grande Ronde Hospital Foundation serves as a subsidiary corporation and the fundraising arm of Grande Ronde Hospital, Inc. The Foundation raises funds to support Grande Ronde Hospital and its commitment to ensuring access to superior quality, affordable healthcare.

The Foundation Board of Directors is composed of eleven voting members - nine representatives from the community and two representatives from the Grande Ronde Hospital Board of Trustees, including the President/CEO. Each Director from the community is nominated by the Foundation Board of Directors and elected by the consent of the Grande Ronde Hospital Board of Trustees. Directors serve three-year terms with a maximum of nine years of service.

The priorities of the Foundation are:

  1. To promote community confidence by advocating for Grande Ronde Hospital through its fundraising efforts.
  2. To encourage financial giving by practicing responsible philanthropy through conscientious stewardship of its assets.
  3. To support essential, unfunded patient care equipment and specific program needs for Grande Ronde Hospital.
  4. To grow its assets through successful fundraising and entrepreneurial investments.

The Foundation organizes an annual donor solicitation and the annual Grande Ronde Amateur Golf Tournament, in order to raise funds for hospital projects.


Michael Jaeger, Chair
J.Glenn Null, Vice-Chair
Mary Koza, Secretary
Julie Hickerson, Treasurer
Gene Demeerleer
Nellie Hibbert
Peter Fallow
Deb Savely
Larry Wooldridge
Dale Counsell
Libby Goben, GRH Board Trustee