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Jim Mattes has been president and CEO of Grande Ronde hospital since 1984. The list of accomplishments during his tenure at Grande Ronde Hospital is marked by steady growth. It includes a significant increase in employees, $52 million increase in net worth, the elimination of long-term debt, two major construction projects and several remodels that have expanded and improved the facility, as well as the addition of 17 new services and departments.

When Mattes took the helm as acting CEO in 1983, the hospital’s gross revenue was $11.5 million. The net worth stood at $4.1 million, including $1.2 million in Board-designated reserves. However, the hospital was also encumbered with nearly $7.7 million in long-term debt.

In comparison, for the 2009 fiscal year GRH reported more than $67.5 million in gross revenue and a net worth of $56 million, including nearly $22 million in Board-designated reserves. Perhaps even more significant in this era: The Hospital holds no long-term debt. With regards to personnel, a review of historical records shows that GRH had 312 employees in 1983. The official account for December 2009 was 505.

When asked what he sees as the single, biggest change in the past 25 years at GRH, Mattes says it has been the transition of physicians from independent contractors to employed physicians.

Mattes has the distinction of being the longest serving CEO in the State of Oregon. Prior to joining GRH, Mattes served as hospital CEO for six years in Lincoln City and three years in Nyssa, for a total of 34 years of service.

Executive Team Members

Wade Weis, Chief Financial Officer/Senior Director Financial Services
Doug Romer, Executive Director Patient Care Services
Paul Shorb, Senior Director Physician Services
Parhez Sattar, Senior Director Information Technology
Wendy Roberts, Senior Director Administrative Services